New Year, New Plan?

Full Stack Creator - 018

Welcome to the eighteenth edition of Full Stack Creator. Thank you for your time and attention! First – go outside, feel that cold winter air, and take it in. Then – come in, make a warm beverage, and let’s dive in.

So, new year, new you? Resolutions? Plans for the next 12 months meticulously planned out? I see so many people fall down this trap of making goals, working toward them for months, maybe weeks, some – barely days. I have done it! I thought about that wonderful scenario, planned the steps to get there, doubled down, then fizzled out. Commitment is hard! Though, I have also achieved a ton of my goals, so it’s not all negative.

This letter is not going to be about my end of year recap or my next 12 months of goals. I am not going to pretend that I am some productivity expert. I don’t know the perfect system to accomplish your yearly, monthly, and daily goals. I struggle with this all the time. I mainly struggle with accomplishing my day job, personal business, and personal goals concurrently. Working a 9 to 5, knocking out dozens of tasks a week, then having the focus to do your own thing is hard. I reschedule more things than I’d like. Sure, Todoist noted that I completed over 2,500 tasks in my Year in Review (June - December 2020), but I still feel like I accomplished nothing. I know I am not alone here. But if you step back – everyone, regardless of circumstance, has accomplished something. 

Why am I talking about this? Because lately, I feel like most people are striving to accomplish so much and not paying attention to the present, myself included. So, now that this is a new year, more importantly, a new day…Slow down the constant focus on tomorrow, next week, or next month. Just focus on the now, and plan one or two little things. Again, not an expert, just a friendly recommendation. 

On another note, we are approaching the start of production for The Gray Area of Remote Work. It might start a bit after the first of February, as I just found out that my Adobe Residency Community Fund onboarding might not be until the first week of February. Oh well, I am rolling with it – just as I had to adjust the shooting style, as I mentioned in the last edition. I am still pivoting to a remote first documentary, mainly shot teleconferenced. Adobe was not able to lend a hand recruiting creators and remote workers to contribute b-roll, so I am asking you! If you can share any or maybe put out a call to your networks, I would greatly appreciate it! Anyone who can shoot b-roll of themselves or others working remotely can contribute. I need as much as I can get and I will credit whoever provides it!

Thanks again for your time and attention. I hope your first week back to work was slow and steady, minus half of the first day when AWS services were down – breaking most of the internet. Hopefully next Monday starts smoother!